Animal Collective curate ATP

Animal Collective have been given the nod to curate ATP in Minehead, from May 13th to 15th. Not my favorite choice in recent years, while I do like their music, they are a bit boring live. There’s very little interaction with the crowd, and they take it all a bit too seriously for my liking.

Surprisingly, there’s quite a full line up announced here, with Gang Gang Dance, Lee Scratch Perry, Ariel Pink, the Meat Puppets and the Frogs, among others. I’m not sure whether its grabbing my attention as much as the last few have. I might wait until they announce their second weekend before I make my decision. What do others think of it?

Tickets go on sale on Friday.

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    • Yeah, you might be right about the Frogs. Still, I think I’ll wait to see who curates the second week, i’m sure it will be somone more suited to the over 30 crowd. Simply Red or someone nice like that…

  1. Exactly which animals are collected in this collective?

    If you had a specific list that’d be great, thanks. Oh and if you can include sub-species, e.g. North American Brown Bear, Asian Sun Bear, Polar Bear etc. rather than just “Bears”, if possible.

    You mention the frogs, again knowing exactly which frogs would be handy, obviously not every frog everywhere will be present. That’d be a logistical nightmare.


    • Well, there is only three in the Animal collective, and all three are animals, so that’s a good start, mamals to be precise. One of them is called Panda Bear, but he’s also called Noah. One of them is called Geoligist, but he’s also known as Brian. The other one doesn’t have any code name, but his actual name is a bit daft as he’s Tray.

      Unfortunately all three are actually Human, as are the Frogs. Slightly disapointing, and sorry for leading you astray. Although, it was more that i was spreading the lies that they had actually propogated, rather than creating a lie of my very own. That’s my story anyway!

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