Lykke Li

I will always remember our failed attempt to see Lykke Li, in Madrid, as 10 ish guys (ok, it was a stag party) turned up around 10.30 at the venue, to see her roadie’s dismantling the set! Not our finest hour, and I’ve carried this chip on my shoulder to her, ever since. In what I see as an attempt on her part to redress the balance, she’s giving away a couple of free songs on her web site.

‘Get Some’ and ‘Paris blue’ are available for the price of your mail address, here.  Both seem lovely to be honest. Here’s a taster of some of her earlier work. It could almost be included in ‘Music for babies’ if she didn’t include the line ‘for you I keep my legs apart’!

Categories: Free, Music

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  1. I’m sure I had some sort of excuse for that cock-up in Madrid, I just can’t remember what it was now. If I’m honest, I don’t think we missed all that much – if it hadn’t taken hours to get there I’d feel less guilty about it.

    • I didn’t mention names, i think i was quite kind on the matter! actually, someone was coming from the airport, or some other guff, as i recall. You even offered to refund, which was above and beyond the call of duty. Madrid is right…

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