Sage Francis via Dan Le Sac

Sage Francis is part of the rap world that intersects with poetry, performing regularly at poetry slams as part of the providence (rhode Island) team. While I’d say a lot of poetry lovers out there might have problems with his rhymes, its good that the two forms of artistic expression meet on occasion.

Dan Le sac and scroobius pip are part of that self same world, taking topics such as teenage suicide among many others. One of their best known songs ‘A letter from God to Man’ features lyrics such as ‘Last time i sent down a message, you nailed it to the cross, So I figured I’d just leave you to it, let you be your own boss’.

Dan Le sac has remixed Sage Francis, with the result below. I’ve also included the the letter from God to Man (with a not very interesting video).

Sage Francis is here!

Categories: Free, Music

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