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Following on from our ‘Music for Babies’ series, we thought we’d have a look at ‘Music for Computer games’ next. I’m not one to play computer games but I recently came across some articles about an indie game called Minecraft that is causing quite a stir in the games world. What is interesting for me is some of the music that is being created for the game.

It is being composed by Daniel Rosenfeld, otherwise known as C418 and it reminds me of several artists including Aphex Twin’s ambient works. It has a very “analogue” sound but to these ears it is lovely, lovely stuff. If you have any suggestions of other music from computer games, please add them below.

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  1. That’s lovely stuff, but doesn’t fit the game in any way/ shape or form! Odd.

    Gaming is one of the few industries still making money. Maybe that’s where all the artist will end up, making their music for games…

  2. The premise of the game is to arrive on this vast world with nothing, alone and then survive and ultimately create. I’ve put a few comments I came across about the music below and they seem to sum up the music’s complimentary effect on proceedings within the game. It is odd but the game seems to have really captured people’s hearts and imaginations…

    “The music in this game is fantastic. Especially when you are playing alone, it gives you a feeling of lonliness. You are alone in this huge world, and to survive you must gather the resources the world has to offer… I think this game truly represent the lonliness that we all feel at some point in life, giving this game a deeper meaning after playing it for awhile.”

    “I built this really really sweet house in the side of this hill, there was a little meadow where the sheeps and pigs would roam, and next to that was a little gravel beach next to the Sea. After one long ass adventure on some other island, I got killed inside of a cave, I respawned right next to my house and it looked to be such a beautiful day. This music started playing as I gazed out over the meadow and gravel beach, best moment in minecraft ever.”

  3. It sounds a nice freaky game to go with the music then! i presumed it was the average first person shoot ’em up. Nice to see some vaguely out there, indie style computer games do exist…

  4. That’s pretty neat. I always appreciate video game music taking a game to another level with an unexpected atmosphere. Chrono Trigger and many tracks from Squaresoft really had that appeal to me.
    Since those days I’ve ended up writing my own video game music, which combines 8-bit sounds with modern production practices. Do take a listen if you have a few minutes.

  5. Oh, I so love this game, hehe. The track “Calm” is probably the one I hear most often from the game. It always seems to play right as the game-day is over, and the sun is setting, while I settle into my “nightly routine.” Which usually consists of firing up as many of my furnaces as I have the fuel to run what I’m refining/smelting for the night.

  6. This is such a coincidence, because I recently discovered this game and have recently conquered an addiction to it. The music really adds a mysterious, awe-inspiring effect to the game for me. It might just be nostalgia taking me back to games of the past, but it is amazing music none the less.

  7. You really can’t fathom how amazing minecraft is! And by extension it’s music is amazing too. I listen to piano3 as I wake up every morning. The reason minecraft is soo popular is because it isn’t an “average first person shoot ’em up.” It’s a sandbox, and the casual gamer has been oppressed by the popular opinion that “serious” gamers are the only audience to cater to. Now we finally get our turn.

    • Very interesting. Everything I’ve read about this game has been fascinating. I am bizarrely intrigued by it yet I have never played it! Piano 3 is incredible. Like the Calm songs there are three Piano songs also… lovely stuff.

  8. music sounds great, but i think it would be more suited for a game like silet hill or something with more of a haunting edge to it. i play a few games and this is definately one of the better sound tracks out there. thanks for the post.

  9. The best video game music is the music in The Sims 3, they have a few of their own songs, and then they get established artists to record one of their own songs in Simlish (the language spoken in-game.) So far there’s some Madina Lake, Rise Against, Pixie Lott and coming soon My Chemical Romance.

  10. I love the tracks but I’m not sure if it’s fitting for computer games. But what do I know, I haven’t touched a video game in years.

  11. I had the same feeling. I was playing Minecraft, and then suddenly found myself listening (and admiring) the music. I’m also impressed with EA’s Spore, which procedurally generates the music and sounds you hear in real time.

  12. Wow, that’s really beautiful. This gives me another reason to try Minecraft I guess. Ahaha. In a weird way, I think it DOES actually fit the game, because it has such a relaxed, free-world feel, that anything too hyper would be superfluous.

  13. I adore Minecraft, and the music is wonderful. Thanks for posting it. Another game that has great music is Fallout 3. Fallout is interesting because it takes place after full-scale nuclear war, so the planet is completely desolate and barren, yet there are still some radio stations you can tune into that play songs from the 1950’s. The juxtaposition of this harsh and unforgiving wasteland against the cheery, nostalgic music is really amazing. For an example of what I mean, check out this teaser trailer that was aired when the game was announced :

  14. I love Minecraft. It is quite possibly one of the most ingenious games I have ever played. The music is subtle yet captivating and it really gives me a sense of wonder. This is an excellent post and thanks for linking to the music!

  15. Minecraft, like Dwarf Fortress, works best with ambient-type tracks that slip into the background. Mellow enough not to become annoying and ‘smooth’ enough to put and keep you in the right mood.

    Sasuma Yakota and Future Sound of London work well in this respect.

      • I think you are the only other fan of Sasuma I have ever ‘met’! Everyone I know just gives me blank stares when I mention him lol. I will check out Stars of the Lid – thanks for the recommendation.

      • haha cool stuff! Yakota has made some wonderful music over the years. i stopped with the albums at Grinning Cat so I am a bit behind now I’m guessing! (I have Magic Thread, Sakura and Grinning Cat) – should I catch up on his later work?

  16. I’m really not a huge gamer, so I don’t know much about gamiing music other than my boyfriend was playing Red Dead Redemption the other day and my ear caught the music in the background (behind the animal he was skinning. ew) It was quite delightful. A little bit western since the game is set in the old west, but very pleasing to the ear. You should check it out if you haven’t already(:

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