LCD Soundsystem

Remember last April’s  volcano? Eyjafallajokull by name! I’m sure there’s a band called that by now.

We all feared it was the end of those strange metal machines in the sky,and we’d all travel by hovercraft from now on? Seems a long time ago now, but one of the main impacts on me was the fact that LCD Soundsystem cancelled on the day of the gig, as they couldn’t get to the country! Fair enough i guess, but at the time i was raging, especially as they played in London a night or two later, which was reviewed here, by Roughan who was lucky enough to see them.

Anyway, no one can say James Murphy lets his fans down! LCD Soundsystem return to Dublin, on November 19th an 20th (Friday and Saturday) for two dates in the Tripod.

What’s more, is that anyone who had tickets to the original gig gets to buy tickets in a pre-sale, which is good news! I’m still waiting for the mail from ticketmaster regarding this, but i hope it really happens! After last weeks National tickets debacle, I think I’m cursed when it comes to those battle with the ticketmaster web site, every time a good gig is announced.

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  1. OK, it gets worse, the presale seems to exist, but I never received an email about it, or anything else, so basically you hear about it on some random web site, or else you’re stuck with the rest of the public!

    Hopefully I get it, i’ll let you know later. More reason to hate TM.

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