Pitchfork v Ireland

Following on from Morgan’s earlier post I thought I would take a quick look at how Irish bands are fairing with the Bastion of Cool (aka Pitchfork). Not too well it seems.

Bell X1 – Flock
“Bell X1 generically compartmentalize everything instead and end up with a record that doesn’t even top the work of their former bandmate.”

Ouch. That might not be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that the “former bandmate” in question received the review below.

Damien Rice – 9
“Sure, the canny Irish artiste may have fooled a lot of people into thinking his ostensible watered-down coffeehouse troubadour shtick was boring enough to win a Shortlist Prize, but a few of us know better.”


“Rice mostly keeps this Lexus LS 400 in cruise control.”

No luck of the Irish at Pitchfork for these bands.

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  1. Ok, Damien’s crap, but does he really deserve a 1.9 review? Should that not be reserved for boy bands and bad techno?

    Bell X1 are grand also, decent enough pop music that i’d happiliy hear on the readio. They rip off Talking Heads nicely enough.

    I’d have to say they’re just pick on some bands. Either you’re trendy and get an 8.2 or you’re not, and you get a 2.7.

  2. I think they’re basically just a bunch of arty wankers who have far too much sway in the music business. their reviews seem completely random on a lot of occasions!

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