The Harmonic series of gigs around Dublin are getting better and better! They’ve now added Titus Andronicus, Willard Grant Conspiracy, The Acorn, Polvo and Pete Molinari. I’ve never really got into Titus, but they always end up on many trendy people’s ‘Best of Year’ lists. Think they’re basically a bit too loud for me, but see what you think below.

Polvo are pretty average noise rock band, and Pete Molinari is a grand singer song writer with a Dylan-esque sound. I do like the Acorn and WIlliard Grant though, so will try to make an effort on those occasions!

Oct 19th – Pete Molinari – The Workman’s Club

Oct 29th – Polvo – The Workman’s Club

Nov 3rd – Willard Grant Conspiracy / Dinah Brand – Whelan’s

Nov 27th – Titus Andronicus – Whelan’s

Nov 27th – The Acorn – The Workman’s Club

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