Pitchfork is good to orphans

Ok, i do a lot of bitching about Pitchfork, but mostly for album reviews like this and this which just seem needlessly mean. If someone is not flavor of the month, they attack and tear strips off them, while someone like Animal Collective can do no wrong. I don’t especially like either of the albums above (I do own the Midlake one, I’ve only ever heard Mumford and Sons on the radio, but they sound like an average indie pop band) , but do have to say neither of them deserve the review they got. I think that’s my problem with a lot of reviews, is the baggage people carry into them. Unless you know the person reviewing or even the mood they’re in when they write the review, it all becomes kind of pointless.

Anyway, getting back to Pitchfork. They are giving away a couple of free MP3’s from soon to be released albums, by some of my favorite people, namely Owen Pallet and Tallest Man on Earth. You should pick them both up while they last. Actually, when you think about it, it’s the artist that is giving the song away, and pitchfork is just hosting it. Hmm, opinions on Pitchfork are welcome below, but keep the bad language to a minimum!

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