The National Return!

Some good news for a quiet Tuesday lunch time, but the National are returning to Dublin on 2nd of December, with the 3rd and 4th quite likely once the first sells out, according to the Irish Times. The even better news is that tickets are 28.50 and 31.50 (plus rip off fees) so sounds pretty cheap when compared to some other bands who aren’t near as good (I haven’t given out about the Arcade Fire tickets in ages, you’ll have to admit!).

Here’s a nice live version of Runaway from them, so check it out.

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  1. Just realised that i’m off to ATP Godspeed weekend on the 3rd, so will have to get tickets for the 2nd!

    Here’s hoping…

    • Tickets for first gig sold out in seconds. I was on at 9, and couldn’t get it, and then due to some computer glitch, got them about 9.05 ish! crap seats, but still, happy i’m going.

      Then they released tickets for the two other gigs, sat and sun straight away, so they’re sold out anyway. Not great by ticketmaster. They really should have said they were releasing the two extra dates. I’d say there’s a lot of people raging!

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