Music for Babies #4

I had vaguely heard that They might be giants had made an album for kids, but had no idea of the scale of their interest in the baby scene! They’ve taken this music for babies lark to a whole new level, not only do they release podcasts for kids on a regular basis, they’ve also have four full albums for them.

Their first kid’s album or  “for the entire family” as they call it, was  No! released in 2002, which included an interactive animation for most of the songs. They followed it up in 2003 with their first book, an illustrated children’s book with an included EP, Bed, Bed, Bed.

2005 saw the release of Here Come the ABCs, which was released in CD and DVD format.  The band’s thirteenth album, Here Come the 123s, was again released in DVD/CD format in 2008 and won the Grammy Award for “Best Musical Album For Children”. I guess the most surprising thing about that, is that there is a section for ‘Best musical album for Children’.

The band’s fourteenth album was Here Comes Science, was surprisingly enough a science based album, and introduced listeners to natural, formal, social and applied sciences. I guess the podcasts are the main thing of interest, as free is always good. You can get most of them here. They all seem educational, which is a nice touch, and lots of madness in all quarters, which you’d expect from a band like them. Well worth checking out!

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