Workman’s Revolution

No doubt of the new cool venue in Dublin, with the amount of good gigs on there over the next few months! I think I’ll be going there quite a bit over the next while. Few good gigs on the horizon, with the Villagers announced today. There’s talk of the National in December also, but we’ll wait and see if it happens. A busy few months ahead though! Must buy some tickets now…

Now with Updates! Deerhunter, the National etc.

9/9/10               PVT (Pivot)                    Workman’s        Thurs

9/9/10               Field Music                   Crawdaddy        Thurs

10/9/10             Fionn Regan                  Workman’s        Fri

14/09/10            Joanna Newsome           Grand Canal      Tues

18/09/10            Jimmy Cake                  Workman’s        Sat

23/09/10            Arthur’s day                   Everywhere        Wed

24/09/10            Damien Jurado               Whelans           Fri                    *

26/09/10            Whale Watching II          NCH                 Sunday             *

26/09/10            Tim Robbins                  Whelans           Sunday

30/09/10            Divine Comedy               Olympia            Thurs                *

1/10/10             Brendan Benson            Whelans           Fri

1/10/10             DJ Shadow                    Tripod               Fri

1/10/10             Mudhoney                     Button Fact       Fri

3/10/10             Of Montreal                   Tripod               Sun

3/10/10             Deertick                        Whelans           Sun

14/10/10            Cast of Cheers               Academy 2        Thurs

20/10/10            Future Islands                Workman          Wed

21/10/10            Peter Broderick              Workman          Thurs

23/10/10            Maps & Atlases             Whelans           Sat

24/10/10            KRS-One                      Tripod               Sun

24/10/10            Llyod Cole                     Whelans           Sun

27/10/10            Greg Dulli                      Whelans           Wed                 *

1/11/10             Robery Plant                 Olympia            Mon

4/11/10             Micah P Hinson             Crawdaddy        Thurs                *

5/11/10             Dan Le Sac Vs              Workman          Fri

6/11/10             Casiontone for the          Workman          Sat

6/11/10             God is an Astronaut       Academy          Sat

7/11/10             Mike Scott – Yeats        Grand Canal      Sun

7/11/10             Midlake                         Vicar                 Sun

8/11/10              Grant Lee Philips            Sugar Club      Mon

11/11/10            Gorillaz              O2      Thurs

13/11/10            Dungen                         Whelans           Sat

15/11/10           The Foals                           Olympia          Mon

15/11/10            Local Natives                 Whelans           Mon

15/11/10            The Walkmen                Tripod               Mon (busy night!)

18/11/10            Spoon                           Academy          Thurs

19/11/10            Holy F*ck                      Whelans           Friday

21/11/10            Gaslight Anthem            Olympia            Sun

22/11/10            Beach House                 Vicar                 Monday

26/11/10            Wedding Present           Academy          Friday

29/30/11/10       Interpol                          Olympia            Mon/ Tues

1/12/10             Interpol                          Olympia            Wed

1/12/10             The Drums                    Academy          Wed

2/12/10             The National                 Olympia           Thurs

3/12/10             Belle and Seb                Grand Canal      Fri

5/6/12/10      Arcarde Fire                  O2                           Sun/ Mon

9/12/10             Frightened Rabbit           Academy          Thurs

9/12/10             Caribou                         Crawdaddy        Thurs    *

21/12/10            Villagers                        Vicar St            Tue

and one for the new year

25/03/11           Deerhunter                    Button Factory

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    • Dude, there’s more to life that formatting! WordPress doesn’t understand the tab key, so would have had to put them into a table or something like that, so even i’m not that nerdy!

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