Football Shocker

Is there really anything shocking about a footballer sleeping around anymore? Do they honestly think whoever they’re with won’t just go straight to the Sun or the News of the World and sell their stories? They’re not the brightest people, but i guess it comes with the territory. I think a more interesting story for the tabloids would go something like this:

“I first noticed he was watching me across a crowded bar, later on as we were leaving the club, myself and candy asked if he wanted to go home with us, for maybe a little something shocking, but he said ‘No, I’m a happily married man, and while I think it’s quite flattering, I think I’ll just go home'”. That would be a surprise.

Johnny Flynn is playing next Sunday in the Academy two, with tickets at 14 euro. I know very little about him, but just heard him on Sunday morning coming down, with Pearl (Phantom’s best show in my mind). See what you think.

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