Emmy Awards 2010

I’m not sure why it is, but I’m a fan of most of the  nominations for best TV show in the Emmys this year. I doubt this was always the case, but i might have a look back to see. Ok, the line up from ten years ago looks pretty good too. It is a surprisingly good list and always nice to see quality shows do well. Mad Men won best show (over breaking bad, which is also pretty cool). HBO cleaned up as expected, with 25 wins. ABC (mad men) were not far behind with 18 wins.

Bryan Canston won best actor for his lead role in Breaking Bad, and i guess it’s a name you’ll have to get used to, rather than just calling him the Dad from Malcom in the middle! There’s a lot of crap there too, but nice to see the good things win. Full list of winners is here.

I heard about this the other day, and it’s kinda fun! Just like glee itself, it’s good until the music starts. Also, always good to see Liz Lemon and Donald Draper. Its always so strange seeing Don out of character, it just doesn’t seem right when he loses his cool.

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