Parenthetical Girl

There have been many discussions on how to stop people just downloading your music. People just have Trent Reznor have suggested that people need to give their customer something they feel is original and one off, such as a numbered or signed copy.  Washington’s art pop band, Parenthetical Girl have taken that one step further. Not only is their new release a limited edition (to 500 copies) with very nice artwork, it will also be numbered in the blood of their member Zac Pennington! An unusual approach, and i guess he’s lucky they limited it to 500.

I saw them upstairs in Whelans about two years ago, and it was certainly the best gig I’ve ever been to with only 40 ish in the crowd. The lead singer is a great performer, and has real presence. I guess he can now be cloned for future generations also.

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