Music for Babies #3

This post should really be entitled Music for Babies (and Adults) #3. I have long been a big fan of the husband & wife team of minimalist composers, Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida, aka, Lullatone. As someone who loves minimalist, ambient electronic music I fell for Lullatone’s charms immediately. Much to my joy they recently released a new album of 10 long loopable lullabies called Songs that Spin in Circles. This is a record that will work for both our smallest citizens and the mums and dads. The track below will give you a good feel for the album:

“Lullatone” is apparently a reference to Raymond Scott’s 1963 record “Soothing Sounds for Baby” but that’s a whole other Baby Music post in itself. Since releasing Songs that Spin in Circles it seems Lullatone have been busy. They have created the Interactive Alphabet for the iPad and a Spinning Mobile Kit but it’s the video below that best sums up Lullatone’s playfulness and inventiveness. Is this the coolest melody maker you have ever seen? I think so.

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  1. yeah, that’s very impressive! A lovely idea really well done. loved the four bells on the turn table, and the first video of kaleidoscope shapes is great also. Lovely stuff…

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