Music for Babies #1

At the request of Candepop, I’m doing a few songs/ artist that are suitable for the less mature members of our society. Almost all of my friends are doing the baby thing at the moment, so this is for all of them.

The most obvious place in my mind to start is with Kimya Dawson, and possibly with her daughter Panda Delilah! I think Panda is a lovely name for a kid, and i won’t hear a bad word said against Kimya. She is best known as one half of the Moldy Peaches, and as Adam Green continues to knock out pretty suspect releases, she may well be the better half. Their music was used throughout the Juno, so you’re probably familiar with it, even if you don’t know her name.

She released Alphabutt in 2008, which was an album of songs for kids, and especially for Panda herself!

and remember, z is for farts that smell like the zoo!

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    • Kimya’s a bit like a funky hippie chick that works in the local creche! I think kids would love her. She made us play kids games at the ATP where i saw her, which was very cute. Glad Cal enjoyed (still time to change his name to Panda!).

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