Arcade Fire quandry

The stupidly expensive tickets for Arcade Fire go on sale from ticketmaster tomorrow. Last time they played the Olympia and I ended up in a similar situation, where I wasn’t prepared to spend 50 euro on a band with one album (maybe Neon Bible was released, but even if it was, I don’t like it much!).

Anyway, I’m back in that self same situation now, wondering what to do. The line up including all three bands is strong, and I’d say it will sell out, regardless of the number of complaints about the price here. The bands manager even replied on number 76, to say that the cost was down to transporting their equipment and crew to this little Island, rather than playing 15 nights in London, or whatever it is.

Also, what came out of that discussion, is that you can buy tickets on line from the Arcade Fire site. I’ve gone most of the way through it already, and they seem to be avilable (Block H seating only). You have to join something called Crowdsurge, which claims to be ‘a new online independent ticketing company started up by a group of like minded music fans in 2008’. They don’t look great seats, from the plan below, but they don’t charge handling fees I presume.

60 euro for a standing ticket, seems to be my best option though. Hmm. Decisions to be made. Anyone going?

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  1. Sounds like stupid money. I vote for you not going. But then I’ve seen them before and I really dislike Vampire Weekend.

  2. Why do so many people dislike Vampire. Ok, they rip off Paul Simon, is that such a bad thing?

    It is one of those things that has gone out of hand, I should have seen them somewhere along the line by this stage. How much are they in your neck of the woods? You going?

    • My Vampire Weekend dislike is admittedly based on limited exposure. But I’m nothing if not obstinate.

      Dunno when Arcade Fire are playing over here or how much it’ll cost. I have to be a bit selective these days and I’ve seen them before (admittedly, they were great, but it was a small venue and was probably around £20).

  3. I don’t think they ever played a small venue in Dublin, i think their first gig was in the Olympia, with tickets for about 50 euro. Even at that stage i wouldn’t pay it.

    Ireland has such a weird thing for bands like these guys, I remember the Pixies playing the Point when we were 16 and they couldn’t fill a local community centre in the rest of Europe! We always end paying through the nose for these events. The first gig sold out in a few hours, and the second one is on sale now!

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