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According to most of twitter, and also the Irish Times, Arcade Fire are returning to Dulbin to play the O2 on the 5th of Dec. The truly shocking thing is the price is 73 euros! Madness for a band with one good album. I’m still listening to the new album, and I’ve been told its a grower, but so far, I ain’t getting it! Support is unofficially officially (get excited Mister Kelleher) Vampire Weekend, so at least they’ll be interesting. Would I go? Could I pay that much to see them? Hmm.

Just listening to the link below, and God that song sounds old at this stage. Released in 2004, so i guess it is a while. Wonder when I heard it first.

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  1. €73? It’s €40 for the French shows – as usual, somebody is making a bundle of cash from moronic Irish concert-goers. My gig ceiling has now been officially lowered to €50.

    • yeah, its always shocking when you hear the prices of gigs in the rest of europe to here! It does nothing but annoy you. I’d say It’ll still sell out though.

      Surprised about the ‘best new music’ tag, was almost expecting a backlash on that one. Its not bad, just nothing special.

  2. They’ve now added Devandra Banhart to the line up, so that’s three bands i want to se eon it! Bloody hard to resist at this stage…

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