Fionn and the Mice

There’s always a glut of new gigs announced once i do a gig guide! always the way. Anyway, here’s two more. Fionn Regan in that odd new venue the workman’s club, as mentioned previosly, on the 10tb of Sept, priced at 22 euro. I think this’ll be my first night in the new venue so looking forward to seeing it. The Mercantile and Pravda are both meant to be becoming venues, so should be interesting to see how this affects the dublin gig scene. The death knell for the Village with a bit of luck.

A band i’ve been listening to quite a bit over the last while is Mice Parade, they play Whelans on the 10th of Oct. They play as part of Foggyjam 01, and all day event in Whelans, with No Age and Sqaurehead among others!

Local Natives play Whelans on the 16th of November. They made quite a splash with their single ‘Airoplanes’, but i never got the album. Must check them out and see if they’re worth a visit.

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