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Roger Eno – Rarities – Album Review

Roger Eno – Rarities – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Roger Eno has been operating in a similar vein to his brother Brian for 40 years or so. While he’s less prolific, he has found time to compile some of his rarities for release.

A Place We Once Walked is a gorgeous, wintry piano piece which comes to life with strings.  It’s followed up by a  brief string piece, Slow Motion, but then back to piano for the serene Hymn.  Another highlight is Clearly, with gorgeous strings and piano.

Later, Eno gives us the stately piano piece The Turning Year, the sweet, twinkling Bells and a string-laden Hope.  On the Horizon with its woodwind could soundtrack a ‘thoughtful’ film or series while another highlight is the downcast, wintry ambience of Stars and Wheels.

Although in the shadow of his brother, and not really a pioneer of sound, Roger Eno is just a purveyor of instrumental loveliness.  There is some excellent instrumental music here.

The Turning Year

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