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Chequerboard – National Concert Hall – Review

Chequerboard – The Studio, National Concert Hall, Dublin – Review
by Killian Laher

Homebeat are putting on some interesting gigs in unexpected venues.  Battling through the Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad) crowd in the main venue, John Lambert, who performs as Chequerboard played a rare gig in The Studio in the National Concert Hall to promote his forthcoming album, Souvenir.

First up was the instrumental outfit Unshaped Form.  Consisting of Lioba Petrie on cello, Cameron Doyle on guitar, and aided by a loop pedal, the duo played some enveloping, immersive music, at times evoking Mogwai in their short set.  The music was accompanied by some interesting visuals on a projector and it warmed the audience up nicely.

Lambert was joined for his set by Barry O’Halpin on electric guitar, and Petrie stepped in on cello.  Playing mainly new music, Lambert’s acoustic fingerpicking on delicate tunes such as The Art of Friendship and Vermilion charmed the audience.  Dunes, the opening track from his previous album The Unfolding has lost none of its impact and went down well before his set finished with True North.

After a brief, solo encore of Opening the Gates, Lambert was gone but the warm glow of his music lingered.  It felt like a quietly triumphant night, and the upcoming album is sure to be one to look forward to.

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