Album of the Week

Album of the Week – 14/04/23

Album of the Week – 14/04/23

So, first off an apology for last week where there was no ‘Album of the Week’ slot. I’m blaming Good Friday but it was really just lethargy.

This week, we have new sounds from Angel Olsen (Forever Means EP), Feist  (Multitudes) and Xylouris White (The Forest in Me), but the winner was someone that has been knocking out great albums for 15 years at this stage, dating back to Shallow Grave in 2008. And no, it’s not just because it’s named after our favourite shopping street!

Album of the Week  — The Tallest Man on Earth – Henry St

The Tallest Man On Earth – project of Swedish musician Kristian Matsson – announces Henry St., his first new album in four years, out April 14th via ANTI-. Alongside the announcement, Matsson presents its lead single/video, “Every Little Heart”.

Having spent much of the last decade touring around the world as The Tallest Man On Earth, Matsson has captivated audiences using “every inch of his long guitar cord to roam the stage: darting around, crouching, stretching, hip-twitching, perching briefly and jittering away…” (The New York Times). In 2020, Matsson left New York City and returned to his farm in Sweden where he drowned out his thoughts by manically growing vegetables in his garden. Imaginative writing did not come easily to Matsson during this time of collective forced solitude, and when it did, he found himself commenting on the darkness. It was only near the end of 2021, as he began to tour again, that the inspiration returned. “When I’m in motion, I can focus on my instinct, have my daydreams again. When I was finally able to tour again, I started writing like a madman.” He eventually had a collection of songs, revealing what would become Henry St, an album that sees Matsson exploring his own stubborn optimism and “how to be a person in this world.”

Albums of Note:

— Angel Olsen – Forever Means EP

— Dinner Party (feat. Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper, and Kamasi Washington) – Enigmatic Society

— Feist – Multitudes

— Fenne Lily – Big Picture

— The Hidden Cameras – The Smell of Our Own (20th Anniversary Edition)

— The Tallest Man on Earth – Henry St.

— Xylouris White – The Forest in Me

April 14th:

— 1782 – Clamor Luciferi

— Abraham Alexander – SEA/SONS

— Angel Olsen – Forever Means EP

— Ann-Margret – Born To Be Wild

— Atreyu – The Hope of a Spark EP

— Babygirl – Be Still My Heart EP

— Black Orchid Empire – Tempus Veritas

— Black Thought and El Michaels Affair – Glorious Game

— Bodywash – I Held the Shape While I Could

— Brian Dunne – Loser on the Ropes

— Chris Duarte – Ain’t Giving Up

— Chris James – Why Should We Turn Around?

— Cindy – Why Not Now?

— cruush – Wishful Thinker EP

— Dave Okumu & The 7 Generations – I Came From Love

— David Bowie – Aladdin Sane (50th Anniversary Reissue)

— DEATHGRAVE – It’s Only Midnight

— Derek Sanders (of Mayday Parade) – The Heavy Box EP

— Dinner Party – Enigmatic Society

— Dirty Heads – Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2 EP

— Eli Hurts – Ouch, Eli Hurts

— Eloise – Drunk on a Flight

— Feist – Multitudes

— Fenne Lily – Big Picture

— FEWS – Glass City

— Frost Children – SPEED RUN

— Fruit Bats – A River Running to Your Heart

— Ghosts on TV – Ghosts on TV

— GoGo Penguin – Everything is Going To be OK

— Giuliana Mormile – Slouch

— Grandbrothers – Late Reflections

— The Hidden Cameras – The Smell of Our Own (20th Anniversary Edition)

— Hippo Campus – Wasteland EP

— Infected Rain – The Devil’s Dozen

— Jake Isaac – For When It Hurts

— JaRon Marshall – earth sounds

— Jason Bieler and the Baron Von Bielski Orchestra – Postcards From the Asylum

— Jesus Piece – …So Unknown

— Joe Bonamassa – Tales of Time

— John Vanderslice – Crystals 3.0

— Josienne Clarke – Onliness (songs of solitude & singularity)

— Kara Jackson – Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love?

— Kelsey Waldon – No Regular Dog (Deluxe Version)

— Kid Koala – Creatures of the Late Afternoon

— L.A. Guns – Black Diamonds

— lilo – I Don’t Like My Changes on the Outside EP

— Lindsey Lomis – Universe EP

— Macabre – Sinister Slaughter (Reissue)

— Magnolia Park – Baku’s Revenge Deluxe

— MAUVEY – BEFORE THE ALBUM 2: a brief overview

— MC Yallah – Yallah Beibe

— Metallica – 72 Seasons

— Mike Tramp (of White Lion) – Songs of White Lion

— Natalie Merchant – Keep Your Courage

— Natural Information Society – Since Time Is Gravity

— Neil Young – OBS 2: The Ducks’ High Flyin’

— Neil Young – OBS 6: Somewhere Under The Rainbow

— Neomi Speelma – after EP

— Nicole Yun – Matter

— NLE Choppa – Cottonwood 2

— NOT – Stop the World

— Overkill – Scorched

— Patrick Wolf – The Night Safari EP

— Penelope Trappes – Heavenly Spheres

— Penny Rich – If Everyone’s An Expert…

— Pet Shop Boys – Annually 2023

— Petite Noir – MotherFather

— Poison Ruïn – Härvest

— Poison Ruïn – Poison Ruïn (Reissue)

— Pretty Girl – One Night, One Time EP

— Proc Fiskal – Rt Hon

— Prof – HORSE

— Ritual Cloak – Vanished In Transition EP

— Sam McPherson – Powerlines EP

— Seafret – Wonderland

— Shannon Lay – Covers Vol. 1

— Shygirl – Nymph_o

— The Silent Comedy – Enemies Multiply

— The Silent Comedy – I Am Alright

— Spencer Cullum – Coin Collection 2

— The Tallest Man on Earth – Henry St.

— Telex – Telex Limited Edition Box Set

— Temples – Exotico

— The Wood Brothers – Heart is the Hero

— ther – echoes in a palace of endless joy

— Various Artists – Happy Land: A Compendium of Alternative Electronic Music from the British Isles 1992-1996 (Volume 2)


— Whyte Fang – GENESIS

— Xylouris White – The Forest in Me

— Yung Blue – Love Scars II

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