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Lichen Slow – Rest Lurks- Album Review

Lichen Slow – Rest Lurks – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Many of us like a bit of grump now and then.  With this in mind, Lichen Slow is a new project featuring Malcolm Middleton of Arab Strap collaborating with musician Joel Harries.  It opens with the downbeat Hobbies, a bit like a poppier Arab Strap, featuring Middleton on lead with Harries on backing vocals.  Following this, you get the breezy, Harries-sung Pick Over the Bones.  Preset is pacey, like faster Arab Strap as Middleton drawls “shit songs are everywhere”.  The ironically-named Tense sounds far from it, with lazy electric guitar while Pain Ctd is poppy and uplifting.  Heartfelt ballad It’s Not What We Thought has a classically Middleton guitar part.

There’s a lot to take in – Sunshine Policy has a good swing to it but on the other hand the bland Imposter Syndrome will have you thinking of Snow Patrol.  There’s nothing wrong with this album as such, but a bit like Malcolm Middleton’s solo albums, you hanker to hear Arab Strap.


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