Epic Tails – Film Review

Epic Tails – Film Review

Directors – David Alaux, Eric Tosti, Jean-François Tosti
Writers – David Alaux (screenplay), Eric Tosti (screenplay), Jean-François Tosti (screenplay)
Starring the voices of Rob Beckett, Giovanna Fletcher and Josh Widdicombe.

At the start of this journey, we meet a young but gifted mouse called Pattie, along with her adoptive, feline father Sam. In case you’re wondering, Sam is a vegetarian so that threat is removed! Pattie wants to go on an adventure to see the world, but it is fair to say that Sam is a little more risk-averse. They live in a town protected by the Golden Fleece, a magical item which Jason found on his travels. When the city builds a massive statue of the God Zeus, they annoy the rest of the Gods, particularly Poseidon. He steals the Golden Fleece and threatens the destroy the city unless they build a similarly impressive statue of himself in seven days. To complete the statue they need a giant Trident, and Pattie knows where they can find one! And, so starts their epic journey…

This is a new animated tale by Studio Canal, the French film production and distribution company. No, they are not Disney or Dreamworks, but they have a decent track record when it comes to animated features. The original title of this film was Pattie et la colère de Poséidon, and my best Duolingo French informs me that colère translates as anger. This film stars the voices of Rob Beckett, Giovanna Fletcher and Josh Widdicombe.

The animation is bright and breezy, while the story moves along at a merry clip. The group travel across the world in search of the trident meeting all manner of brutes and beasts, including a giant Octopuss and a village of cyclopses. There is the odd lull in the plot but they are short-lived, as the tale bounces along. There are a few scenes aimed at an adult audience, including the Godfather Rats, but essentially this is a story aimed at small kids in the pre-teen market. It’s a sweet and gentle tale that will keep your little ones occupied and give you a moment of peace and quiet! Enjoy it while it lasts…

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