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Heavy Blanket – Moon Is – Album Review

Heavy Blanket – Moon Is – Album Review
by Killian Laher

This is a mysterious side project involving J Mascis and some unknown friends (rumoured to be Mascis under pseudonyms).  A follow up to 2012’s self-titled album, really this is a pure guitarfest, a recording of a load of guitar jams.  It’s very proggy and noodly, Danny is a hard riffing, heavy soloing instrumental, with elements of Led Zeppelin at times, and none of Mascis’ croaky old vocals!  Crushed is heavier, and its heavy riffs could almost pass for a Dinosaur Jr style jam, with a bit in the middle which does the Crazy Horse style slow lope just like Dinosaur Jr do.  The title track has a slower, more chilled-out groove.

String Along has a big, strident riff and blasts along in a humongous jam for eight whole minutes, probably the most ‘air guitar’ track here, while Eyevoid is, if anything slightly more succinct at half that length.  Final track Say It To You is the closest thing to Dinosaur Jr with some muffled barely audible vocals, and a slow groove.   If you’re looking for short sharp guitar songs, they’re not here, it’s an album of lengthy jams.



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