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loscil ¦¦ Lawrence English –  Colours of Air – Album Review

loscil ¦¦ Lawrence English –  Colours of Air – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Prolific ambient artist Scott Morgan (loscil) has collaborated with Australian composer Lawrence English for this latest album, based around recordings of an old pipe organ in Australia.  This collaboration is very much on the becalmed end of loscil’s work.  It opens with the almost monolithic Cyan, with what initially seems like an almost impenetrable wall of sound before a keyboard melody comes through.  Aqua is one of the more serene tracks, here, the organ is very prominent, channelling the recurring theme of water in Morgan’s work.  The incongruously-titled Yellow is a murky, swirling piece of music, while the almost atonal Grey really does sound grey, with its booming bass!

Back to serenity for the longest track here Black, which glides away on tranquil organ notes, on the other hand the booming organ of Pink is very foreboding.  The mournful Violet, sounds like a lament for something lost.  It’s very much an enveloping sound that really just invites the listener to sink into it.  Like practically all of loscil’s albums, it’s an excellent place to start for the curious.


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