A Year in Music – 2022 – Jamie Cameron (The Last Dinosaur)

A Year in Music – 2022 – Jamie Cameron (The Last Dinosaur)

How was music for you in 2022?

I’m proud to have book-ended 2022 with two collaborative releases, The Arteries of New York City album with Alex Kozobolis and the recently released Black and White Memories Ignited by the Scent of Springtime Explode in Colour with Lila Tristram.

What was your main musical highlight of 2022?

I get along without you very well by Ellen Arkbro and Johan Graden and Sent From My Telephone by Voice Actor are my albums of the year.

Are you playing or attending gigs? How do you find it?

I played my first gig in a while at Servant Jazz Quarters in March with O. Girdler and Lila Tristram. It was a nice opportunity to play some bits that only exist live at the moment. I’m also attending gigs. Highlights were Cate Le Bon at Roundhouse and Battles at Village Underground.

Can you recommend an album, from any year, that doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

Let’s go for Edward Penfold’s Caulkhead from 2016, he’s someone my cousin introduced me to when we played on the same bill together in Cardiff in 2018. Incredible lo-fi 1970s-esque masterpieces. Like a lost McCartney solo album between McCartney I and McCartney II.

Do you still listen to lots of music? How do you listen to music these days?

So much music in most of the ways possible these days (except for iPod which was stolen from my flat a few years ago during a break-in). I’m still moving a big crate of CDs from address to address every time I move. Looking forward to the next move where I can finally set everything up again properly (hi-fi and record player) which I haven’t really been able to do this year for various reasons.

What sort of year have you had yourself?

This year has very much been a transitional year and one where I’ve spent more time focussing on photography than music.

Any interesting projects in the works? Are you working on a new album?

I have a few ongoing collaborations that are slowly coming together and I’ll probably release Pt. 1 of a new album by The Last Dinosaur next year called Perigee. Why sit on finished songs? The state of the industry and cost-of-living means I don’t know whether I’ll ever get to finish the rest of the album, sadly, but hey let’s see what 2023 brings.

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