New Music: A Ghost At Noon – Sam Prekop and John McEntire

New Music: A Ghost At Noon – Sam Prekop and John McEntire

Is this another lazy attempt to get pictures of Cats onto the home page, with the massive jump in hits it inevitably brings, I hear you scream? The simple answer is Yes!

It’s also a chance to hear some new sounds from John McEntire (Tortoise) and Sam Prekop (The Sea and Cake). It’s possible a lot more electronic than I was expecting, but you can hear elements of Tortoise in their sound! Enjoy the first single “A Ghost at Noon” below.

The album is released on 22 July 2022. It only has four songs, with the longest clocking in at over 23 minutes! Expect a lot of recurring electronic grooves.

Sam Prekop and John McEntire have announced their debut collaborative album Sons Of, out on July 22nd. Along with the album announcement, the duo have shared the album’s first single “A Ghost At Noon” which is taken from one of the band’s first live performances in Europe during the late 2019 tour that launched the project and illuminates how immediately in-sync the two were, with Prekop’s The Republic-era hiss slipping beneath melodic twirls in tandem with the bounce of McEntire’s increasingly rhythmic complex percussion.

Sam Prekop and John McEntire are two artists, who together and as individuals, have expanded the definition of rock. Each is acclaimed for their singular musical voice and for their sonic innovations. Beyond their work together in The Sea and Cake, Prekop has garnered acclaim for his solo releases in ensemble or on modular synthesis, as well as for his visual art and photography. McEntire is one of the most celebrated engineers, composers, and drummers in forward-thinking music, having recorded and performed with the likes of Tortoise, Stereolab, Modest Mouse and many more. With nearly three decades of experience working together, this is their first full-length collaboration as a duo. It was something they both have wanted to do for a long while, and a natural fit for two artists drawn to incorporating electronic music into rock and jazz contexts. Sons Of finds two master craftsmen working at the nexus of pristine production and skillful improvisation, forging compelling narrative arcs into glistening metropolises of infinite pulse.

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