Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest – Film Review

Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest – Film Review
by Katie McCann

Director – Mads Hedegaard
Writer – Mads Hedegaard
Stars – Kim Cannon Arm, Walter Day, Shigeru Miyamoto

Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest, directed by Mads Hedegaard is a funny, lighthearted and engaging documentary about friendship, the positive side of gaming and of course trying to beat the world record for playing GYRUSS in one sitting. While most people might be put off by the initial pitch of this charming Danish film, believe me when I say: that gaming is the least engaging part of this film.

Kim Cannon Arm (not his actual last name) is a world-class gamer of such extraordinary talent he earned the name Cannon Arm back in the late 70s. Now in his later years (his age is a well-guarded secret but we do know he has three children and one grandchild), he wants to attempt to beat the world record for playing GYRUSS by playing it non-stop for 100 hours. But such an extraordinary feat could not possibly be achieved without some help. Enter Kim’s eccentric, lovable and loyal group of friends. Together they will plan, train and support Kim in reaching his dream just as he has supported them in the past.

Director Hedegaard captures something really wonderful in this film. A group of what some may call “outsiders” living their lives with such passion and authenticity that they couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of them. It is a breath of fresh air in a world that is so overly filtered and manipulated to look perfect. None of the people here even pretend to be perfect, they just want to be themselves and a big part of that is supporting their friend in achieving his dream. Is there anything nobler than that?

Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest might not be full of special effects or edge-of-your-seat moments but it is full of heart and humanity. I dare anyone to not fall in love with every person on screen and root for them to the bitter end. This is one of those documentaries that reminds you the world is full of all kinds of people and restores a little bit of faith in humanity.

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  1. Haven’t seen the movie, but I am pretty sure that the movie is Danish, not Dutch though…

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