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loscil – The Sails p.2 – Album Review

loscil – The Sails p.2 – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Not only is ambient artist Scott Morgan prolific but he is also at the top of his game in terms of the quality of music he is producing.  He has just released The Sails p.2, the second part of his collection of tracks from various projects.  Far from sounding like a disparate collection of tracks, the pieces knit together well as an album.

Repeated electronic pulses introduce Blue, one of several highly immersive pieces here.  Century is angelic, almost holy sounding with high-pitched keyboards.  It’s not all ‘chill-out’ music, Never is more propulsive with prominent percussion.  Strange electronic pulses open Dote on another track with prominent percussion.

Floating sounds anything but floaty, this one is dark and brooding.  Downstream on the other hand is perfectly titled, sounding very much like a descent of some sort.

As ever this kind of music doesn’t lend itself well to paragraphs of text, but this latest collection from loscil lives up to the high standard he has set for himself.



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