Live Collision – 27th – 30th April – Preview

Live Collision – 27th – 30th April – Preview

Image above from House of Origin

What are you up to for the Bank Holiday Weekend? If the answer is “just chilling out in Dublin” then I have another suggestion, with one of the more unusual festivals taking place this weekend.

Starting today, Live Collision takes place over three days in Dublin. The festival is an “annual curated festival of Live Art presenting some of the most groundbreaking artists of our time”. Expect elements of theatre, dance, performance art and a multitude of other disciplines as they explore the more unusual elements of live performance.

You can find the full details of the festival here but if you’re looking for some tips, just check out our handy guide below…

The Examination – Brokentalkers – Project Arts Centre @ 7.30pm –
Wed 27 — Sat 30 April – You can find our review here.

The Examination is the award-winning production by Brokentalkers exploring mental health and human rights in the prison system. Performed by Brokentalkers’ Gary Keegan and stand-up comedian and former prisoner Willie White.

Glimmer  – Space: Off site location (6 – 7 St. Stephens Green) – Live Dance Installation
Duration: 15mins – Festival Dates: Thurs 28th – Sat 30th at 6pm & 6.15pm plus 8pm & 8.15pm

Glimmer – As you stroll down the street, just after twilight, your eye is caught by a wash of colour inside an inconspicuous window. Behind the glass, a figure is consumed by other-worldly visions. She moves through landscapes both real and imagined, natural and digital, future meets present, together while alone.

Object Permanence – Cube, Project Arts Centre
Duration: 40 mins – Thurs 28th April 2022 @ 6.30pm

Object Permanence is Kat Hawkins’ first solo dance presentation that asks questions about the time it takes to do things. Building a landscape of cripness, Kat takes us intimately into the relationship between the disabled body and assistive devices, revealing a world of joy, companionship and sensuality. Working with different physicalities, Kat reframes the relationship to their assistive devices, bringing care, aggression and ecstasy into movement.

The Making of Pinocchio – Cube, Project Arts Centre
Duration: 80 mins (Q&A additional 30 mins) –  Thursday 28th April 2022 @ 9pm

Welcome to The Making of Pinocchio! – an up-close behind the scenes look at the quest to make Pinocchio the perfectly imperfect trans masc narrative of our times.

In a forest of real wood and fake wood, and real fake wood, and fake real wood, join the cast, crew and creators as they construct Pinocchio over and over again, shaking the boundaries between possible and impossible, reality and fantasy. Turning wood into flesh, boys into donkeys, and making that nose grow… the tricks of the trade will be revealed before your very eyes.

SOLAS – Cube, Project Arts Centre
Duration: 45 mins – Friday 29th April 2022 @ 9pm

Solas visually and aurally explores our relationship to light both internally, interpersonally and environmentally. The work will warm and enliven, burn and clear, illuminate and ask; how can we embrace the process of illumination when it sheds light on that which has long been hiding in the shadows?

Solas is the second orbit in a new series of immersive and experimental performance works by Maïa, exploring, responding to, and channelling the Sun. These are light offerings. Integrating original sound design and musical composition, with live instrumentation and vocal improvisation to create sonic environments that explore the relationship between sound and the sun as vital sources, creative and healing forces.

XOIOXO – Cube, Project Arts Centre
Duration: 60 mins –  Sat 30th April 2022 @ 9pm

ALYXIS introduces us to XOIOXO the digital ecosystem in which ALYXIS resides. A moldable world that we can connect to. Modular particle clouds hold up bodies, tethering and consuming them. The energy you bring, in whatever form, is transformed to continue.

Dublin based multidisciplinary artist ALYXIS, premiered their debut EP ‘RUSH’ through FACT MAG in April 2021. ALYXIS will be releasing new music in April and May 2022 delving deeper into their world.


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