New Music – Hunter on the Wing – K. Freund

New Music – Hunter on the Wing – K. Freund

This is a collection of rambling, free form instrumental tracks loosely based around a piano, with the accompaniment of electronics, samples and even the occasional tenor sax. We humbly suggest you should check it out below! It’s quite lovely.

It was released on March 4th on Last Resort Records.

Hunter On The Wing is Last Resort’s sixth connection with this group of friends in Akron, Ohio and this time it’s K. Freund (Aqueduct Ensemble / Lemon Quartet).

Piano, handmade electronics, tenor sax, couple strings.

“I was after something tangible. Sounds you could roll around in your palm and consider different, complex, and flawed textures. Feel the weight, maybe even smell them.

This desire is probably a reaction to the dissociative nausea from the constant simulacra of these early 2020s. Like deliberately going barefoot to feel yourself grounded in a real place, as I read Andrea Needham did when facing charges for disarming a warplane.

Anyway, my methods to achieve these sound “objects” was to use a healthy amount of acoustic instrumentation with all its familiar sonic unevenness, to free sounds from rhythmic or thematic structure, and to give plenty of blank space around each note so the ear can reach in and pluck it out. A berry from a bush, an eyelash from a friend’s cheek.

Really though, a lot of the time now I just want to listen to the birds. There are plenty on here. Mourning dove, titmouse, helicopter.”

KF, Dec. 2021


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