The Here Trio – Project Arts Centre – Review

The Here Trio – Project Arts Centre – Review
17-19 February 2022 – 7.30pm
Commissioned and Co-Produced by Maiden Voyage Dance

This is a new piece by choreographer Liz Roche that explores a multitude of themes including “Impact. Here. Perception and spaces. Sites. Scars. Borders. Edges. (and) Belonging.”

The production starts with a life-size video projection onto the back wall of the set, as a dancer moves slowly across the stage. You then notice some movement in the front row of the auditorium. The three main dancers are seated in amongst the audience, they flail their arms and arch their backs before slowly leaving their seats and taking to the stage.

There is original music by Bryan O’Connell, who is a percussionist that has worked with Liz Roche and Emma Martin during his career. There are a number of different segments to the audio track, some are heavy drum solos and at other times we have grinding synths and electronic sounds. The music is ideal for a production of this nature and the dancers move perfectly in time with the percussion.

There is also a vocal track with a narrator speaking about some of the themes of the production. There are repeated images of needles breaking the skin and muscle. At times, the three performers stop their movement to lip-sync along with the narrator.

One of the main points of interest was the dancers interacting with the video recording. They move in time with the video images, and the six dancers (three live and three recorded) fill the stage with life and movement. It is a wide-ranging piece that explores many ideas and concepts, some of which may be developed further in future work.

Choreography/Direction Liz Roche
Dancers Ryan O’Neill, Glòria Ros Abellana and Lucia Kickham with Sarah Cerneaux on film
Apprentice/Cover Dancer Arudhra Krishnaswamy
Sound Design & Visuals by Luca Truffarelli
Lighting Design by Stephen Dodd
Original Music by Bryan O’Connell
Dramaturgy Shane O’Reilly
Apprentice/Cover Dancer Arudhra Krishnaswamy
Set & Costume Liz Roche
Photography Luca Truffarelli
Set Build Theatre Production Services


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