A Year in Music – 2021 – Lloyd Cole

A Year in Music – 2021 – Lloyd Cole
by Killian Laher

How are you?  How have you been?

I’m recovering from Covid. I’m weak, coughing, but thankful that I was double vaxxed.

Do you think we’re over the worst at this stage?

Absolutely not.

What music/albums did you particularly enjoy in 2021?

Steely Dan, Sylvan Esso, Death Can, Jessie Ware, Arlo Parks, T.Rex, William Prince, Young Fathers, Wet Leg, William Doyle, Janelle Monae, Yola, Lizzo, Perfume Genius, US Girls, Spillage Village

The patreon account is very illuminating, you are giving great insight into the songs. How have you found doing it?

Tiring. Time consuming. Sometimes fun to find cool old things I’d forgotten existed. And I suppose I’ve finally got around to my memoir. The page as a multimedia memoir.

How do you feel about playing/attending gigs?

I feel like it’s borderline terrorism, right now. A gig, without super careful planning, is essentially a superspreader event. But people will lose their houses if they can’t work. There will be a whole generation of homeless musicians who were doing OK prior to Covid.

The arts have had a particularly tough time right through the pandemic, in comparison to other sectors.  Is it difficult to keep going?

Fuck, yes.

Anything else going on with you outside of music?

Trying to stay healthy and fit. Cycling, golfing.



What are you looking forward to next year, musically?

Finishing this fucking album which is taking forever. Then taking a short break from making music.



Have you any plans yourself next year?

Nothing fixed. Touring Q1 looks increasingly unlikely, but if I can do it, I have to. It might be my only non-patreon/webshop income for the whole year.  I’m considering teaching songwriting online…

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