A Year in Music – 2021 – Jamie Cameron (The Last Dinosaur)

A Year in Music – 2021 – Jamie Cameron (The Last Dinosaur)
by Killian Laher

How are you?  How have you been?

I’m doing very well, thank you. Lots of bits and pieces are finally coming together or coming out in terms of music, collaborations. It’s really rewarding. Cathartic. Particularly after 2020, which was one of the most unpleasant years in memory for a myriad of reasons.

Do you think we’re over the worst at this stage?

I have no idea in terms of the virus or politically but I’d certainly like to hope so personally.

What music/albums did you particularly enjoy in 2021?

In no particular order:

Under-Between by Dialect

Space 1.8 by Nala Sinephro

Sound From Out the Window by Evan Wright

Om Du Reser Mycket by Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Johan Lindvall

Open Arms to Open Us by Ben LaMar Gay

The Apple Drop by Liars

Overheard by Ronnie & Clyde

A Color of the Sky by Lightning Bug

Burials by Fuzzy Lights

Wilds by Andy Shauf

Son by Rosie Lowe & Duval Timothy

Which Way to Happy by Penelope Isles

I Would Not Live Always by John Francis Flynn

Tell me about what The Last Dinosaur has been up to, you are working with Alaskan Tapes, is that right?

We released a couple of songs we’ve been sitting on for a while. The original plan was to turn it into at least an EP but time constraints and other commitments got in the way. Apart from some other collaborations that will be coming out in early 2022, I’ve mainly been working on the forthcoming Last Dinosaur album. It’s inadvertently space themed… well, advertently now as I’ve leant into it since realising. I’m excited about it. It can be a pretty slow process but something really special is coming together.

How do you feel about playing/attending gigs?

I’ve always found performing overwhelming or disappointing from a self-criticism perspective. This year will see more performing though, virus allowing. I feel fine about attending gigs although I don’t go to a huge amount. The last one was The Microphones at EartH and wow, it was genuinely incomparable.

The arts have had a particularly tough time right through the pandemic, in comparison to other sectors.  Is it difficult to keep going?

It’s always difficult to keep going, it’s just the reason why that changes.

Anything else going on with you outside of music?

I’m proud to have seen my photograph graces the cover of Fuzzy Light’s latest album, Burials. I’ve also been helping Lila Tristram with her next album. She’s a genius and whenever it’s finally done it’s going to be a masterpiece.

What are you looking forward to next year, musically?

New albums from The Cure and whatever The Wrens album turns into.

Have you any plans for yourself next year?

Hopefully, finish this damn album.

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