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Lewsberg – In Your Hands – Album Review

Lewsberg – In Your Hands – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Dutch band Lewsberg creates a blend of understated guitar music, with nods to the Velvet Underground and Television.  They’ve just released this mini-album.  It opens with the moody, sweetly sung Departure, at 69 seconds it’s over before it begins.  The Corner is reminiscent of midperiod Smog, a spoken/sung track over metronomic guitars.  The ringing, insistent guitars on this and Getting Closer are addictive.

The very brief title track is like something from the third Velvet Underground album, ending frustratingly after 78 seconds.  Dependency has a moody, indie-pop quality that evokes Arab Strap at their least grimy.  It ends with the brooding, two-part All Things, which features a violin.

The album is quite slight at 23 minutes, with four tracks lasting less than 2 minutes.  It’s more of a mood piece than an album, but it’s the type of thing that might just cause you to hit repeat when it ends.

In Your Hands

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