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Tim Linghaus – Memory Sketches II – Review

Tim Linghaus – Memory Sketches II – Review
by Killian Laher

German composer Tim Linghaus releases his second piano album, Memory Sketches II, three years after Memory Sketches.  It opens with the gorgeous piano of Running To School with S.  Highlights abound throughout, Sommersturm is tranquil like Erik Satie, while Humming When You’re Driving has blissed-out keyboards.

Later, Repetitive School Daydream Sequence Part VII with keyboards sounds both futuristic and something of a throwback.  Vergissmeinnicht is especially lovely, one of the tracks that is actually allowed to build into something.  In The Swirling Bubbles of the Lake I Saw Bonds and Molecules is the most uplifting moment with bright piano with feeling.  The album has a very autumnal feel to it, something to listen to while walking through fallen leaves.

Running To School With S

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