The Application – Dublin Theatre Festival – Review

The Application – Dublin Theatre Festival – Review
Venue – The New Theatre
Date(s) – 5-16 Oct, 6-8pm

If you thought the life of the average theatre actor or director was non-stop Gala evenings and openings, then you’re in for a surprise! There is an aspect of their work that rates somewhere between a tax return and a root canal that is rarely mentioned. There is an art to filling out application forms for funding. It’s a necessary evil that no one seems to enjoy but all of them have to do. It’s an essential start to every project. This short film delves into this exceedingly dull part of the artistic process.

The film starts at the beginning of the lockdown as our host, Gina Moxley, guides us around the various theatres of Dublin, their doors closed for an indefinite period. The piece then introduces us to a collection of artists and creatives that take part in the documentary. We meet each of the participants at home and see the lengths they will go to, to avoid filling out the forms! We see the post-it notes and fidget spinners. We hear advice on the correct methods and to always ‘read the guidelines’. We see dancing, procrastination and even some chickens!

The piece explores a part of the artistic process that is rarely seen. Without funding from the Arts Council and other bodies, most of the work on stage would never be made. This short film lets us see behind closed doors to a side of the business rarely discussed, in a humorous and light-hearted fashion.

Conceived & Directed by Gina Moxley
Co-created & Edited by Luca Truffarelli
Produced by Emma Coen

The Applicants:
Luke Casserly
Deirdre Griffin
Wayne Jordan
Hannah Mamalis
Pamela McQueen
Peta Murray

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