Album of the Week

Album of the Week – 2/07/21

Album of the Week – 2/07/21

This week sees a new release from Brendan Tallon (Love In These Times) of Revelino fame! Check it out below. There are also new releases from Cub Scout Bowling Pins (aka Guided By Voices – Clang Clang Ho), The Go! Team (Get Up Sequences Part On) and Stone Giants (Amon Tobin – West Coast Love Stories) among many, many others.  So many new releases!

Our favourite new release of the week came from a supergroup of sorts, with Bobby Gillespie (of Primal Scream) and Jehnny Beth (of Savages).

Album of the Week – Bobby Gillespie and Jehnny Beth – Utopian Ashes

Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie has teamed up with solo artist and Savages vocalist Jehnny Beth to release the collaborative album Utopian Ashes.

Utopian Ashes explores the loss, miscommunication and emotional inarticulacy that a married couple experience as they realize that their relationship is breaking down. The collection draws on the tradition of country soul classics, such as Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris’s “Grievous Angel” and George Jones and Tammy Wynette’s “We Go Together,” to deal with the heavy realities of love turning sour. It’s an album for people who have dealt with the inevitable sadness that comes with age and acknowledged the realities of life. There is no sweetening of the pill, but it does achieve what should be the goal of all good art: to make us feel less alone. And while it’s not autobiographical, it channels heartfelt truth from the songwriters’ own experiences.

In addition to Bobby Gillespie and Jehnny Beth, the album features Johnny Hostile (bass) alongside Primal Scream trio Andrew Innes (guitar), Martin Duffy (piano) and Darrin Mooney (drums).

Albums of Note –

— The Go! Team – Get Up Sequences Part One

— Cub Scout Bowling Pins – Clang Clang Ho

— Stone Giants (Amon Tobin) – West Coast Love Stories

— Brendan Tallon – Love In These Times

July 2nd:

— An Early Bird – Diviner

— Anthropophagus Depravity – Apocalypto

— At The Gates – The Nightmare Of Being

— Attawalpa – Patterns EP

— Autumnboy – Autumn Forever

— Aziya – We Speak of Tides EP

— Bizarrekult – Vi Overlevde

— Blood of the Phoenix – From What We Used To Know EP

— Bobby Gillespie (of Primal Scream) and Jehnny Beth (of Savages) – Utopian Ashes

— Booker Stardrum – Crater

— Broken Fires – New Friends EP

— Caitlin Mae – Perspective EP

— Chinatown Slalom – Meet The Parents EP

— Chris LeDoux – Wyoming Cowboy – A Collection

— clarq – Again Before Since EP

— Cloudland – Where We Meet

— Cub Scout Bowling Pins (aka Guided By Voices) – Clang Clang Ho

— Dennis Lloyd – Some Days

— Desperate Journalist – Maximum Sorrow!

— Dominique Pruitt – Prayers for Rain EP

— Drawn and Quartered – Congregation Pestilence

— Duvel – Duvel

— Earl Slick – Fist Full of Devils

— Flatland Cavalry – Welcome to Countryland

— Friisk – …un torügg bleev blot Sand

— Funeral Chasm – Omniversal Existence

— G Herbo – 25

— The Go! Team – Get Up Sequences Part One

— Husks – Somewhere, There Is a Garden Where You May Rest EP

— Izzy True – Our Beautiful Baby World

— John Lindell (of They Might Be Giants) – Roman Songs EP

— Karmacoda – Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire

— The Late Great Charlie Borski – Watch Out For Spiders

— Laura Mvula – Pink Noise

— Lord Of The Lost – JUDAS

— Manniveira – Vitahringur

— Manuel Pistachio – Scordato Cuore

— Mariam Sawires – Healer EP

— Maudlin – Grave Danger

— Molly Lewis  – The Forgotten Edge EP

— Mondo Generator – Live At Bronson

— Moonspell – 1755 (Vinyl Reissue)

— Moonspell – Extinct (Vinyl Reissue)

— Mr Jukes & Barney Artist – The Locket

— Mr Linen – Stay Cool

— Nanowar Of Steel – Italian Folk Metal

— Nick Oliveri – NO. Hits At All Vol. 7

— Plizzken – …And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes

— postcards from new zealand – city islands

— Psychosexual – Unholy Hymns For The Children

— Queen – Greatest Hits (Reissue)

— The Quireboys – A Bit Of What You Fancy 2

— Raphael Weinroth-Browne – Worlds Within Live

— Richard Marx – Stories to Tell: Greatest Hits and More

— Risely – Meantime Fades

— Rocking Corpses – Death Blues

— Rozzi – Hymn For Tomorrow EP

— Sea Mosquito – Fire, Magic & Venom

— Sebastian Plano – Save Me Not

— Snapped Ankles – Forest of Your Problems

— Steve Marriner – Hope Dies Last

— Stone Giants (Amon Tobin) – West Coast Love Stories

— The Suburbs – Poets Party

— Sun Crow – Quest for Oblivion

— Supermilk – Four by Three

— Supreme Court – Been a While

— Various Artists – Red Hot + Free

— Vince Mendoza – Freedom Over Everything

— Wanderlust – All A View

— We The Kingdom – Live At Ocean Way Nashville

— Year Of No Light – Consolamentum

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