Bewley’s Cafe Theatre Goes Walkabout

Bewley’s Cafe Theatre Goes Walkabout

While we’re waiting for confirmation of when the theatres of Ireland will reopen, Bewley’s Cafe Theatre has come up with something quite novel that should tide us over. It’s theatre, but outdoors! Ok, Anu has been doing it for years, but as far as I’m aware, this will be the only theatre you’ll get to see in Dublin this June that’s not on a screen.

Full details are below…

BEWLEY’S CAFÉ THEATRE is proud to announce the World Premiere of …Walkabout Theatre

A series of outdoor performances in historic Dublin locations

In 2020, we commissioned playwrights to dream up new and exciting plays for outdoor promenade performances. They came up with a series of innovative and contemporary pieces that take us on intriguing and entertaining journeys through Dublin. As the world opens up, we are delighted to offer our audience unique and fun theatre experiences in a safe outdoor environment.

To open its eagerly awaited season of Walkabout Theatre, Bewley’s Café Theatre presents…

Bloody Phoenix – June 2nd – 5th and June 9th – 12th
Written and directed by Michael James Ford –  Featuring Matthew O’Brien and Melissa Nolan

An exciting new promenade drama about the Phoenix Park murders of 1882 – one of the most shocking and controversial events in Irish history.

A budding film director and his beleaguered producer are visiting the Park to discuss locations and casting for their feature film about the famous assassinations. As they stroll around the actual crime scene in Phoenix Park, they reveal the story of the killings and their meaning for us today, while tussling over the age-old problem of the art versus the money!

Next Please… – June 16th – 19th and June 23rd – 26th
Written by Aisling O’Mara – Featuring Sarah Morris and Aisling O’Mara – Directed by Iseult Golden

Joe and Mel are meeting in the Park, but is it a date? And if it is, can they escape the mistakes, disasters and heartbreak of their previous love lives and actually make a relationship work? Come to Stephen’s Green Bandstand and eavesdrop on them as they navigate being single in a pandemic – it’s a minefield of dating apps, terrible first impressions and whether to add ‘x’ on a text! A funny, moving and surprising new play that will send you home smiling!

Dogs of War – June 30th – July 3rd and July 7th – July 10th
Written by Fionn Foley  Directed by Jeda de Brí.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your paws…

Judy’s absolutely bloody furious. Having been ousted from her throne at the helm of the country’s eminent stock photography agency, she finds herself having to start all over again. Judy sets up Absolute Pup – an ‘elite dog walking agency’. Now, with an army of only the most sophisticated canine comrades, she will rebuild her empire and exact the revenge she so deeply craves. Join us in St Stephen’s Green at the Yeats Memorial for a hilarious new play about leaving the rat race to join the dog fight!


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