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Chris Ledwidge – Spring – Drones, Loops & Noise – Album Review

Chris Ledwidge – Spring – Drones, Loops & Noise – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Chris Ledwidge is an Irish composer who is releasing four EPs, one for each season.  Spring is the second in the series and it’s six mostly ambient pieces.  The opener features a droning, slightly foreboding string motif.  What follows is more ambient, a steady drone with some keyboards, along the lines of loscil. No. 4 In G  features a clean, gently ringing electric guitar, really exquisite stuff.

No. 27 In B Minor is more obtuse, pleasantly meandering, with keyboards giving way to a blast of noise. No. 30 In F sounds more conventional, with a very discernible melody played on piano. The track incorporates a music box and this one doesn’t really fit in with the rest.  It’s a pretty impressive EP, all in all, Chris Ledwidge is marking himself out as one to watch.

Track List:
1. No. 22 In E Minor
2. No. 2 In C# Minor
3. No. 4 In G
4. No. 27 n B Minor
5. No. 30 In F
6. No. 34 In A Minor for Music Box

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