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Dry Cleaning – New Long Leg – Album Review

Dry Cleaning – New Long Leg – Album Review

by Killian Laher

English band Dry Cleaning are gaining a lot of attention ahead of the release of their debut album.  For those who like thoughtful guitar music, this will be right up their street.  Florence Shaw on mostly spoken lead vocals comes on like Kim Gordon’s more melodic Sonic Youth moments.  Scratchcard Lanyard exudes cool, grimy guitars combining with lyrics that are mostly absolute bollocks (“why don’t you want oven chips now”).  It’s prime indie guitar rock, with the swaggering Unsmart Lady which sure as dammit doesn’t outstay its welcome, while Strong Feelings is as good a guitar-heavy, yet accessible, track as you’re likely to hear this year.

The guitar work is superb on the darkly malevolent Her Hippo and John Wick.  It’s not full-on intensity, they dial it down on the downbeat, glowering More Big Birds and the slow grind of A.L.C.  Closing track Every Day Carry descends into noise shortly before the end, but in the main the album’s noise is controlled, though Shaw’s monotone ‘talkie’ delivery does grate towards the end.

This will REALLY cheer up those who miss Sonic Youth and some of the good angular guitar groups doing the rounds a few years ago.

Scratchcard Lanyard 

Track List:

1. Scratchcard Lanyard

2. Unsmart Lady

3. Strong Feelings

4. Leafy

5. Her Hippo

6. New Long Leg

9. A.L.C.

10. Every Day Carry

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