New Irish Music – 01/12/20

New Irish Music – 01/12/20

It’s the 1st of December so we’re feeling festive around these parts! Fear not though, as there are no sleigh bells in this selection of new Irish music, just the best local music we could find.

To be featured on this slot, please contact us on nmwhIrishMusic@gmail.com.

Barry McCormack – Distant Shores

We love Barry around these parts, so were delighted when his mail arrived in our inbox to tell us about his new video featuring Aidan Gillen, star of the Wire/ Game of Thrones. Aidan plays a homeless man in this video for Distant Shores. Aidan previously appeared in Barry’s video for “Lived Through This Before” which you can find here.

You can find out more about Barry on his website here.

Oceans by Badhands

Next up, we have new music by Badhands, with their EP called Oceans. As you would expect, there’s a watery theme to it all…

It’s a collection of songs representing each of the 5 Oceans (Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, Southern) that function as a broader, singular piece.

The full piece is 21 minutes and I’m sure you’re super busy, but if you can find the time to give it a listen that would be great. If you were interested I’d love for you to write something about it (Press release and artwork below).

Tríona O’ Neill – Little One

A song by Tríona O’ Neill about her nephew Conn who was born at only 25 weeks.

Kairen Caine – Turning Tide

To finish off again, we’ll go a little bit country one more time… ok, it’s more folk, I just like saying it.

Turning Tide is the first single from Kairen Caine’s debut album The Place, due out in spring 2021. Developing her songwriting over the years and eventually finding an authentic place when stepping a foot into the alternative-country genre, she developed a body of work that was recorded over the summer of 2020 and produced by her sound engineer partner Jed Parle. The track, written on the first day visiting the ocean after lockdown #1, features the stunning talents of Sarah Jory on pedal steel and John McCullough on Hammond.

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