TV Picks of the Week – 02/11/20

TV Picks of the Week – 02/11/20

Some new, some old. These are the things we’d recommend checking out on your telly box this week!

Dead Still – Now on RTE Player or on Sunday nights.

This is getting a lot of love from all the right places, such as here and here.

“Dead Still isn’t perfect: the production values are sometimes rickety, the quirky soundtrack annoying, and there are plot-holes. But it departs from TV drama groupthink and dares to be its own thing. For that it deserves praise.” – Ed Power (Irish Times)

Netflix – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – November 6th

We were totally wrong about this movie, as it didn’t inspire a new generation of anything! It didn’t even do particularly well at the box office, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t really, really good! Watch it with your kids or by yourself. It’s just quietly great! Wait, it may have inspired something.

“Hopefully, this film will inspire a new generation of animated Super-hero films that move away from the typical structure of Marvel films. There is so much to draw from in the styles of various artists in comics today and from yesteryear! This film is a bright, entertaining and stylish addition to the comic book catalogue.”

US Election Night – All stations all the time…

This will either by the worst horror film of the season or else a cause of great joy throughout the world. Also, it could be the start of a civil war? It all starts tomorrow night but how long will it continue? No one knows…

Carmel: Who Killed María Marta? – Netflix – 5th November

Does the world really need a new true-crime drama? Netflix certainly hopes so. Whether this will become as big as ‘Making a Murderer’ is highly unlikely, but stranger things have happened…

“Maria died in 2002 and her death was originally thought to be an accident. It was presumed she fell in the bath and hit her head on a tap, however her autopsy revealed this was not the case.” – The Tab


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