TV Picks of the Week – 28/09/20

TV Picks of the Week – 28/09/20
by Alison Traynor

As September gives way to October and the weather grows colder, nothing sounds more appealing than settling down in front of the television with the fire blazing and a hot chocolate in hand. In support of this glorious seasonal activity, No More Workhorse is here to bring you recommendations of ‘murder shows’, medical dramas and music documentaries, all of which you can watch on television and streaming platforms this week.

American Murder: The Family Next Door

American Murder: The Family Next Door is a documentary feature directed by Jenny Popplewell which explores the brutal 2018 slaying of Shan’ann Cathryn Watts and her two young daughters in Frederick, Colorado. ‘It’s always the husband’ is the motto of crime junkies far and wide. While not always a reliable method of solving murders (at least when victims are members of the unmarried population), it is, unfortunately, true of this particular case, for it was Chris Watts who barbarically killed his pregnant wife and children. Log into Netflix on September 30 to watch this documentary. After all, it is guaranteed to make you feel more positive about your partner’s inability to load the dishwasher in an effective manner.

No Masks

During these times of social distancing, the artistic community has been forced to find new ways to bring their work to audiences. No Masks, which can be viewed on Sky Arts, is a prime example of the innovative ways in which art continues to be created and made accessible to the public. This virtual play is rooted firmly in the current day, drawing on the experiences of medical workers during the COVID-19 crisis and dramatising their everyday realities. Plenty of recognisable faces feature, including The Crown’s Lorraine Ashbourne and The Witcher’s Anya Chalotra. No Masks is a certain crowd-pleaser, but let’s hold onto hope that Van Morrison doesn’t hear about it. Our medical workers may be able to help us survive global pandemic, but being subjected to another earsplitting anti-mask protest song does not bear thinking about.

Song Exploder: How Music Gets Made

If you listen to the Song Exploder podcast or are a music fan in any shape or form, Song Exploder: How Music Gets Made is certainly worth watching. This documentary series is due to be released on Netflix on September 2 and will see a variety of musicians delve into the nuances of their creative processes, providing insight into the ways in which beloved hits were made, from songwriting methods to recording and post-production practices. High-profile artists such as R.E.M, Alicia Keys, and Lin-Manuel Miranda will feature, and you will inevitably be inspired to whip out that old guitar that has been gathering dust in your attic for the past decade. You never know, one day you might even be able to make it the whole way through Wonderwall!

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