Tread Softly 2020 – Underwave

Tread Softly 2020 – Underwave

Underwave – An underwater exhibition by sculptor Bettina Seitz – 1st -4th September

If you happen to be close to Coney Island in Sligo over the next few days, there’s something unusual going on. It’s an exhibition of work by Bettina Seitz which looks quite impressive!

If you’re not able to get to the west, there are videos of the sculptures uploaded each day to the website! Full details can be found below…

Landscape, mythology and filming feature in this collaborative project with the temporary mooring, filming and online streaming of nine sculptures under water.

“Underwave represents the successive arrivals to our shores, from Sligo’s earliest settlers through to people contributing to our modern multicultural society”. Bettina Seitz.

Nine sculptures will be situated behind Coney Island in the Sligo Inner bay. The exhibition will be filmed daily, edited and published on line at the end of each day’s filming on and all related social media platforms.

The sculptures are made using Camauba wax and cotton fabric interlaced with recycled fishnet each measuring 1m in height and width. A series of texts by Malcolm Hamilton will accompany the films posted daily during the exhibition (sample in notes below).


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