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brdmm – Bedroom – Album Review

brdmm – Bedroom – Album Review
by Killian Laher

bdrmm are ‘five good boys’ from Hull, according to their Bandcamp page.  They have just released a debut album which will seem instantly familiar/ comfortable to fans of post-punk/dream pop.

If you enjoy DIIV you’ll love this album.  After the opening instrumental Momo which follows a slow build-up with soaring keyboards, we get the shoegazey dream pop Push/Pull.  The anthemic A Reason to Celebrate is heavier, as later on is If… with its powerful gauzy riffs.  It’s very pleasing on the ear, the pretty guitars of Gush are nearly designed to make you (gush).

Happy has shades of the early Cure with its jangly guitar (a good thing), and its ‘evil’ twin (Un)Happy is a narcoleptic, instrumental alter ego of Happy.  Speaking of The Cure, closing track Forget the Credits has that slow, downer quality of many of their early album-closing tracks (17 Seconds, Faith etc), or even Lou Reed’s Magic and Loss, along with some wonderful liquid guitar lines.

(The Silence) has a warped, underwater thing going on, acting as something of a palette cleanser.  The penultimate track Is That What You Wanted To Hear? is a blissed-out epic, a five-minute track to lose yourself in.

Though the band aren’t reinventing the wheel, they distil their influences into a very pleasing album.  You’ll know from reading the above whether this will be of interest to you.

Track List:
1. Momo
2. Push/Pull
3. A Reason to Celebrate
4. Gush
5. Happy
6. (The Silence)
7. (Un)Happy
8. If…
9. Is That What You Wanted To Hear?
10. Forget the Credits

Is That What You Wanted To Hear?

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