New Music – Thread Song by Sally Anne Morgan

New Music – Thread Song by Sally Anne Morgan

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t the photo above that won me over to featuring this song. What’s not to love about Sally with a banjo in one hand and a lamb in the other! Her debut album also called ‘Thread’ is due out on the 21st August 2020.

“Sally Anne Morgan is an award-winning fiddler, banjoist, and vocalist known for her work in House and Land and The Black Twig Pickers”

“Acclaimed fiddler, banjoist and vocalist Sally Anne Morgan has announced her debut solo release Thread, out August 21st, 2020. Morgan is an artist and multi-instrumentalist whose mastery of traditional folk forms is matched only by her ability to push the bounds of those forms into fresh, imaginative pastures. Known for her fiddle playing with the traditional Black Twig Pickers and the inventive and lauded duo House and Land, Sally Anne’s debut solo album Thread establishes her as an unparalleled voice in contemporary folk. Debut single “Thread Song” acts as the album’s centerpiece, exploring connections between the earthly and the spiritual with a pulse as grounding as it is weightless.

Thread traces Morgan’s myriad of influences and their deep connections, from the psychedelic leanings of Trees and the Third Ear Band, to folk singers like Jean Ritchie and Nic Jones, to Kentucky fiddler Clyde Davenport, to Pauline Oliveros and Johanna Brouk, to their roots and circling back again. The process of composing and arranging the songs across Thread found Morgan exploring the depths of her own voice, inspired as always by traditional Appalachian music, but free to explore and abandon any false notions of authenticity. Morgan spins these connections into works all her own, her original fiddle tunes, ethereal meditations, and sweeping ballads standing as timeless as their traditional counterparts.”

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