Dublin Fringe Festival: Pilot Light Edition

Dublin Fringe Festival: Pilot Light Edition
September 5 – 20

One a day where many shops reopen around the country we bring you news of the Dublin Fringe Festival which is due to take place this September! While it is much reduced from previous years and is entitled the ‘Pilot light Edition’, it does still offer Live Theatre, albeit outside or for smaller audiences. Very few actual details have been announced of the shows themselves, but it does offer a bit of hope for the months ahead!

“Dublin Fringe is about discovery. There is a spirit of invention in the organisation’s DNA. We’re making a different kind of festival this year, but staying true to our core mission: artform development and talent development. We are doing this by offering artists the opportunity to lead, to innovate, to adapt and create within the new parameters. We are undertaking this work with care, humility and rigorous adherence to government guidelines.

It has been a long three months since the arts community closed its doors to keep everyone safe. In three months from now, we hope to play a part in a safe and happy re-opening.

After so much time spent apart, we are all longing for shared experience. The ideas artists have been dreaming up propose innovative new ways to have them, together and safely. We’re committed to supporting their visions as they bring the cultural life of the city back out in to the light.”

Each of these projects will be made bespoke for now, imagined within government guidelines for social distancing and guided by industry-approved safe working practices for artists and crew.

In order to make a futureproof festival for uncertain times, Dublin Fringe Festival is summoning their 25 years of festival making experience and learning from inspiring peers, nationally and internationally. Festival Director, Ruth McGowan can’t wait to tell you all about the artists in question and their outside-the-box ideas. But first, she has a festival to make.

The festival is being dreamed in to life as we speak, so much of the programme remains a mystery until the programme launch on August 5th. Some expectations include:

  • Outdoor performances.
  • Site-specific shows for small audiences.
  • Solo art adventures.
  • Interactive projects to be enjoyed at home.
  • Using Fringe’s expertise at turning Dublin landmarks in to performance spaces.
  • Empowering experimental performance to lead the way in creating new ways of telling stories.
  • A safe return to live performance in much loved Dublin venues, should the phased reopening of Ireland advance to plan as outlined by the government.
  • Staying nimble with plenty of imaginative Plan B & C’s in case that it doesn’t.
  • Staying devoted to new work, to liveness, to pleasure and to artistic risk.

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