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RVG – Feral – Album Review

RVG – Feral – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Australian band RVG seem to have been created in an ‘alt-80s’ lab.  This is their second album and it differs very little from their first with ringing, jangly guitars and Romy Vager’s dramatic vocals.  The songs create the sound they’re after perfectly, not a note overplayed.  You’ll swear you’ve heard songs like Asteroid and I Used To Love You before, though not for many years, so perfectly do they recreate an era’s sound.  Christian Neurosurgeon is one of the more notable tracks, here they ramp up the drama featuring the sound of a carving knife… a surgical one maybe?

Help Somebody is one of the stronger moments here.  Reuben Bloxham’s guitar is quite a joy to listen to, never fills the spaces in the song too much, just sprinkles it with stardust.  They even feature a song called Perfect Day in case you didn’t get the message, and this is one of the more glorious moments on the album.

The angst and drama can get a bit much at times (Prima Donna), but mostly it’s the sound of summer, albeit directed by John Hughes.

Track List – 

1. Alexandra
2. Asteroid
3. Christian Neurosurgeon
4. Little Sharky and the White Pointer Sisters
5. Help Somebody
6. I Used To Love You
7. Prima Donna
8. Perfect Day
9. The Baby & The Bottle
10. Photograph

I Used To Love You 


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